Amachi Pittsburgh

Since 2013, FIFTY7 Solutions has been the first line of support for Amachi Pittsburgh's IT support

  • OS X Server management for Small Office
  • Network user accounts for client data and document access
  • Central calendar management
  • Data backup solution for working documents and employee laptops
  • Email migration
  • Laptop solid-state drive upgrades

Transitional Services Inc.

Hired as TSI's technical services liaison in 2014, FIFTY7 Solutions' responsibilties included:

  • Design & purchase of 80 camera, networked security system for TSI's remote sites
  • Planning and implementation of wifi and community laptop access for TSI's consumers
  • Advisory role to the IT Director
  • Review of managed hardware and support firm
  • Investigating innovative solutions for fleet and building management systems

Allegheny Attorneys At Law

Since 2014, FIFTY7 Solutions has managed this law firm's small office network, in addition to introducing them to cloud-based applications to better their services provided to the community.

  • OS X Server management for Small Office
  • Network user accounts for client data and document access
  • VPN for remote file access
  • Central calendar management
  • Central contact management for client metadata tracking
  • Data backup solution

Vision 2 Viability Matrix

Along with Ground Floor Solutions & Notitiavita, we started the V2V Matrix LLC with the goal of providing a clear path to viability for organizations.

V2V Matrix is a process developed to convert intangible assets into new sources of revenue for non-profit organizations.

This three-step design process includes facilitation techniques, teamwork, and innovative uses of technology.

Optimus Technologies

The creator of a diesel engine biofuel convertor kit needed a web application to handle their Engine Control Unit data processing and frontend dashboard display.

Along with a partner, Notitiavita, we designed the web application to process and display data generated by Optimus' ECU in addition to putting together an Internet of Things device for communicating securely with our webapp database.

Transition Performance

Based upon the V2V Matrix platform, FIFTY7 Solutions & partners designed and built a content management and assessment system for Life Transitions Plus.

Designed as a tool to increase employees' engagement with the people served in the community, other features included Outcomes Tracking and aiding new employees in the onboarding process.

Life Transitions Plus

This completed project involved managing an internal information web site for current employees containing information about organization rebranding, repositioning and new business development. Services included:

  • Internal forum creation, management, and support
  • Content management for internal site
  • Site analytics to better address the design and direction of internal site using Goole Analytics

OEW Recycling

As part of OEW Recycling's transformation from Ohio E-Waste, a new website was designed, content written, and launched rebranding Ohio E-Waste as OEW Recycling. Provided interface with web development firm and project management with all parties.

OEW Recycling website

Ground Floor Solutions

Web site designed and hosted for this Pittsburgh-based consulting firm. Various design and programming tools were used to achieve a simply, concise and informative site. 

Ground Floor Solutions

Greenlight Products

Started as a dual-impact social enterprise, GreenLight Products provided jobs and a purpose for people living with mental health issues while also delivering solar-powered lights to areas in need of lighting solutions in Africa.

Greenlight Products

OEW Recycling

Warehouse surveillance

OEW Recycling's operations are spread over 5 warehouses on a corporate campus of more than 200 acres.  An integrated solution was designed and implemented involving more than 45 video cameras, 6 terabytes of realtime back-up capabilities, and a content management system solution.  Each warehouse was equipped with:

  • Motion detection alerts
  • Central recording of events
  • Remote access of recordings from any location by PC, laptop, smartphone, and notebook technologies
  • Long distance wirelessPtMP links enabled surveillance stations to be installed remotely, at distances of ~2000 ft for surveillance of remote lots.
  • Up to 30 days of video backups

Warehouse LAN via wireless Point-to-Point links

In addition to the video surveillance, an extension of OEW Recycling's network was necessary to access the isolated warehouses. 

Wireless Point-to-Point links were installed to bring network access to OEW Recycling's warehouse locations, some spread out over one half of a mile, without the need to install separate Internet utilities.

Point-to-Multipoint links were installed to bring camera stations to remote lots for surveillance purposes.

Residential Technology Integration

Homes have become a cocoon of devices communicating with each other and the outside internet. It is now essential to have a properly designed wireless network to cover the footprint of a home to allow reliable communication.

FIFTY7 Solutions has designed and configured many networks that facilitate:

  • Numerous wireless devices to communicate with a sprawling wireless network consisting of multiple access points
  • Integration of various Internet of Things devices
  • Conversion from analog music and entertainment systems to fully digital equipment
  • Backup solutions for desktops, laptops, & mobile devices
  • Integration of online multimedia services into a suite of easy to access entertainment choices